Rizoma Cooperative is a community and participative grocery store that is owned and operated by its members. The project is based on social, ecological and collaborative values and is a not-for-profit. It is an initiative that aims to combine quality, sustainability, affordable prices, collaboration and active citizenship.

We're opening!

We are excited to announce that, in the coming months, “Mini Rizoma” - a smaller version of our future community food-shop - will open at Renovar a Mouraria’s space (Beco do Rosendo 8).

If you live in Lisbon, we will soon have information on how to become a member-owner and start participating.

In the meantime, we don't ask for gold, incense and myrrh, just help from family and friends to take the first steps with financial security. All contributions are appreciated!

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How does it work?

Anyone can join Rizoma as a member

1. By buying a capital share of the cooperative minimum fee of 15 €

2. By committing to work 3 hours on the project per month

Anyone can join Rizoma as a member:


in all decisions of the cooperative (types of products, functioning of the grocery store, carrying out activities, how to reinvest the profit, etc.)


the products they help to choose at a fair price


products, services and cultural events with Rizoma’s name and support

It is important for us to have an ecological focus, ensuring that our activities and purchases have more benefits than negative impacts on the planet.

Support us

Support us with a donation.

Your contributions will be used for the initial set-up of Mini Rizoma:

  • Signage for the store
  • Bins and scales for purchasing in bulk (less packaging!)
  • Labelling tools and material for creating engaging labels that show price and information about each product
  • IT software and hardware, such as POS and scanners
  • Initial stock, focused on local and sustainable products

Once we’re on our feet, further funding will be used for:

  • Hiring 3 part-time staff positions
  • Refrigerators & freezers to expand our stock options
  • Café equipment
  • Furniture for community spaces
  • and more to be detailed in the coming months

Rizoma Cooperativa Integral CRL

PT50 0045 9011 4033 3611 7526 1


Community loans are also welcome. Contact us for more information!

Join us !

If you want to join the project, send us an email at or get in contact with us through our social networks.

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